Backspace is a group seeking new quality in a mixture of acoustic and electronic music - the sound of space, the shade of rhythm , free-jazz feeling; frozen notes - warm, melted, merged into a new quality and frozen again to become a part of another improvisation, musical interaction. Electronics, devouring the acoustic vibration in a barbaric and shameless manner – just for a moment, would then become the background and the binding factor. Jazz and classical music fighting relentlessly for some space, a breath of fresh air. From precisely specified acoustic improvisation theme to total decomposition, where the seeming chaos is just a prisoner of the common and coherent harmony. The inspiration found in classical music, jazz, dub, trip-hop, punk, screaming crowd, jackhammer sound and rustling leaves. The result? Rather soft, soothing and, most importantly, always surprising. Dark. Theatrical. Delicate. Backspace is a symbiotic organism. Backspace is passion.
The group loves liveact and finds it as the main drive. Check it out!

Łukasz Czekała – an explorer and a promoter of electric violin sound, an enthusiast of reverb and techniques for sampling and looping, an improviser, a graduate of the Jazz Academy of Music in Katowice. "Electric violin helped me find my personal musical language. It is a tool that helps me to express emotions and tell stories more easily than on the verbal level ." In art and in life he adheres to the “less means more” principle.

Zbigniew Chojnacki - improvises, composes, contemplates. He believes in a theory that even the smallest element must serve a specific purpose. He is a student of jazz at a post-secondary school in Warsaw. He collaborates with Michal Urbaniak. He was a participant in the master class in Villecroze lead by a French accordionist - Richard Galliano . He does not reject any musical style; claims that even an old washing machine can be inspiring.

Krzysztof Rychta – a sound engineer, a musician. He`s been working with large audio consoles for years. This experience is crucial for the Backspace teamwork: "For the first time in my life - says Chris – I made myself such a cool console: it consists of an originally mapped controller, a loopstation and sampler connected by I/O dependencies, a bit like in a modular synth – you just don’t need to switch wires – Ableton Live is the matrix."
Zbigniew Chojnacki - accordion
Łukasz Czekała - electric violin
Krzysztof Rychta - electronics
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