„In a programme full of Gerhard Eder’s inspired musical choices, two newcomers stood out as particular revelations. (…) The four-fifths-female and very young chuffDRONE soared and smiled and improvised with absolute confidence and empathy though their own fresh, open, not in the least conventional compositions – a band to watch if ever there was one.“

Jazzwise magazine November 2014 (Robert Beard)

It bubbles and swirls. It rumbles. It reverberates. In their compositions chuffDRONE produce a kind of music which clearly represents the distinct personalities of the five musicians. They come from different musical backgrounds and styles, which have markedly contributed to their diverse approaches to jazz. In both their individual and their collective improvisations they keep inspiring and stimulating each other’s creativity, elaborating familiar structures and exploring new paths. Multifaceted. Unconventional. Bursting with energy.

Astrid Wiesinger – alto/soprano saxophone
Lisa Hofmaninger – soprano saxophone/bass clarinet
Hubert Gredler – piano/vocals
Judith Ferstl – double bass
Judith Schwarz – drums


Free entrance