The atmospheric melodies mixed with the sensual vocal let the listeners explore the mysteries of woman`s soul. And soon... her second album will be released, bringing more mysteries for us to experience.

The young generation of our musicians has more and more courage to show their abilities and the effects are truly inspiring. The best example is Dominika Zioło - a vocalist and author of both music and lyrics. In her interpretations there`s everything that made me fall in love with Frank Sinatra and Barbra Streisand: the idea, the involving story and the punchline. I listen to this album again and again, drawn not only by the magnetic voice but also the accompanying music."

Grzegorz Dusza

During the concert we will hear not only pieces from “Między nami” and the vocalist`s musical inspirations but also her newest compositions.

Dominika Zioło was a student of Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice. She has taken part in various festivals, i.a. Vena Music Festiwal 2007, United Europe Jazz Festiwal 2008, Crossdrumming 2008. She has also appeared on many TV and radio programmes and in 2009 she recorded a live concert in Radio Gdańsk.

Dominika Zioło Quintet

Dominika Zioło - vocal
Dominik Rosłon - piano/kat midi controller
Sławomir Pogoda - guitar
Marcin Grabowski - double bass
Bogusz Wekka - drums/percussion

Free entrance