During this edition of our festival you can see an exhibition entitled “DO USŁYSZENIA – DO ZOBACZENIA” (“Something to hear – something to see”)*. Are we able to see what we hear? Or maybe we can fully receive the music only when we can see what's between the sounds? The sight and the hearing complement one another. Only the meeting of sound and view can guarantee the full festival experience.

All of the graphics originate from the Faculty of Arts at Silesian University in Cieszyn. The works of professors and students will be shown together, creating an interesting comparison of different generations' point of view.

If you want to take part in the festival entirely you have to use at least two of your senses. So let us see you and hear you at the festival!

Tomasz Kipka
(curator of the exhibition)

Free entrance.

* An untranslatable Polish word game. “Do usłyszenia” can be translated both as “something to hear” and “speak to you later”; “do zobaczenia” both as “something to see” and “see you later”.