The band was established in 2011 as a result of searching for own sound: modern, related to European jazz traditions, but mostly originating from imagination and music sensibility of its members. HoTS`s music consists of original compositions of Mikołaj Poncyliusz, the band`s leader.

HoTS became laureates of Young Jazz Scene competition during Jazz Jantar Festival in Gdańsk in 2015.

"There is no doubt that HoTS emerges as a fresh voice on the local melodic mainstream scene, which happens relatively rarely. This is definitely a formidable debut and HoTS will slowly gain a respected position on the European Jazz scene once they hit the clubs and festivals circuit and continue to release albums of such quality as this one."

Adam Baruch, The Soundtrack Of My Life


Mikołaj Poncyljusz - guitar
Radek Nowak - trumpet
Bartosz Tkacz - tenor sax.
Adam Prokopowicz - doublebass
Jakub Kinsner - drums

Free entrance