Nothing is true, everything is permitted.
Mario Rom‘s Interzone is a band formed out of a need to play music at the most basic and perhaps the only sensible way: without any rules or forced complexity.

It includes three of Austria‘s most promising young musicians, all around 25 years of age: Mario Rom, despite his age, is already one of the leading trumpeters of his generation. Lukas Kranzelbinder is not only one of Austria‘s most sought-after jazz bassists but has also composed an opera premiering in July 2012. Herbert Pirker, one of the busiest drummers in Europe, has shared the stage with virtually every respected Austrian musician.

Interzone has made a conscious choice to play without a chordal instrument in order to achieve more freedom, space, and flexibility. Their main interest lies in communication and in creating and composing on the spot: anything can - and will - happen.

The band moves freely between all possible styles of jazz, from hard bop to avant-garde, even funk - but all played in their own way. No licks, no nonsense, just pure truth.
Oh - and they swing their asses off.
Charles Benway

Mario Rom

Born 1990 in Hall/Admont [AT] started studying the trumpet with Bernd Rom when he was 8. Since 2004 he is a member of the famous class of Prof. Josef Eidenberger at the Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität in Linz. He was awarded several prices at Prima la Musica and the 2007 Marianne Mendt Jazzcompetition. 2010 he was chosen as the only Austrian Musician into the Band „Generations Unit“, with which he recorded a CD in 2011, including Adrian Mears as an artistic director.
He has worked and played with: Dave Liebman, Christoph Cech, Harri Stojka, Michael Mantler, Harry Sokal, Janus Ensemble, Jazzwerkstatt Wien, Studio Dan, Salonorchester Alt Wien, Fatima Spar, Andrej Prozorov....

Lukas Kranzelbinder

Born 1988 in Klagenfurt [AT] Despite his tender years he has already become one of the most active and versatile bassists of the young Austrian music scene. He is the organizer of the ‚Polyamory Sound Festival‘ [], taking place in various European cities and bringing musicians from diverse music scenes together, Since the summer of 2011 he is part of the „New Austrian Sound of Music“-Program, where he was chosen as 1 of 5 young musicians to represent their country as a jazz musician worldwide.
At this time Kranzelbinder lives in Vienna and works on his Spanish Opera MUCHOGUSTO, which will be premiered at the well-known Festival “Carinthischer Sommer” in July 2012.

Herbert Pirker

Born 1981 in Mooskirchen [AT] is one of the busiest drummers from the Austrian Jazz Scene. He was awarded with the Hans Koller Jazzprice 2 times (2004 & 2007) and basically worked with all the big names from the national & international Jazz Scene:
Karl Ritter, Wolfgang Mitterer, Louis Sclavis, Kelomat, Alex Machacek, Wolfgang Puschnig, Jack Walrath, Klaus Dickbauer, Max Nagl, Jazzwerkstatt Wien, Christoph Dienz, Linley Marthe, Otto Lechner...

Mario Rom - trumpet
Lukas Kranzelbinder - bass
Herbert Pirker- drums

Free entrance
Concert organised in cooperation with the Austrian Cultural Forum in Warsaw.