Max von Mosch, a saxophonist who has created a lot of music projects during the last few years, boldly enters the stage together with his trio and takes the audience to the totally new musical area.

“This trio setting allows us to explore collective improvisation and composition by a new approach. Without piano or guitar in the band another sonic space opens up that can be filled with new musical ideas.” Despite the absence of a chord instrument their songs evoke a strong sensation of harmonic structure driven by constantly shifting rhythmic textures. This project is entirely new, even for the musicians and it develops constantly.

Max von Mosch, originally from Munich and now located in Berlin, studied in Amsterdam, New York, Montreal, and Boston. For over ten years he has been known in the international jazz environment. He has performed in Spain, Switzerland, France, Canada, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Max von Mosch Trio:

Max von Mosch - saxophone
Matthias Pichler - double bass
Jonas Burgwinkel - drums

Free entrance.