Sam Levin left Brooklyn, New York at the beginning of the pandemic and moved to Tychy, Osiedle B, also known as Brooklyn, for Sam, the second. From one Brooklyn to another, Sam felt right at home.

He didn't know any musicians in Poland when he arrived but he started hanging around the jam sessions in Katowice and Krakow and soon met many musicians from Silesia and Poland generally. It was at one of these jams, at Absurdalna, that Sam and Mateusz Szewczyk played together for the first time. Mateusz brought in his longtime musical colleague Kuba Mizeracki, and the Drugi Brooklyn trio was born.

This trio performs mostly original compositions. The music is strongly influenced by the rhythmic innovations of contemporary jazz. But while the music is sometimes challenging, there is always a driving groove and a strong musical interplay between the three musicians.