Band of three young generations artists who collaborated with musicians like Eivind Aarset /Nils Petter Molvaer, David Sylvian, Brian Eno.../, Jan Bang, Bjorn Charles Dreyer /Xploding Plastix, Boschamas/, Berserk, Gergo Borlai /Terry Bozzio, Scott Henderson.../, Lenka Dusilova, Tadeusz Sudnik, Anne Chris Bakker, Paolo Fresu, Lorenzo Feliciati, etc.

David Kollar (guitarist) released last year a solo album THE SON. Album was in TOP records of the year in Guitar Moderne Magazine in US, in France in Czech republic and Slovakia. Prepared Guitar blog spot said "David is one of the most modern and progressive artists of this age"

"David is one of the most modern and progressive artist on the scene"
Guitar Moderne magazine

"David in particular is one of the most innovative and driven young guitarists on the scene today. An interesting combination of Eastern European classical influences, Jazz, ambient, techno, IDM, trippy heavy blues rock mixed with eastern folk styles, Played on a homemade guitar through a quirky combination of pedals and effects he attains a one-of-a-kind sound. I know critics often like to put music into categories but with David`s music that`s very difficult to do."
Pat Mastelotto - King Crimson

The Blessed Beat

David Kollar /SK/ - guitar
Paolo Raineri /IT/ - trumpet
Simone Cavina /IT/ - drums, electronics

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