The band was established in 2010. During the concert in Gliwice, instead of Christin Ramond – the band's regular bass player – we will hear Albrecht Maurer, a violinist, who has performed in many Jörgernsmann's projects over the past 25 years.

Theo Jörgensmann
was one of the people who reintroduced clarinet to improvised music. He is said to be one of the greatest clarinet soloists. He finds his greatest challenge in redefining music space and creating variable music field.

Albrecht Maurer
has studied violin at Cologne University of Music. His music is characterised by sounds and loops, spectrum of tones, groove rhythm and drums imitation mixed with the energy of jazz improvisation, classical music figures and techniques.

Hagen Stüdemann
has studied graphics in Wismar. He has learned to play both guitar and double bass.

Free entrance.