TRIO of drummer Przemysław Jarosz, who presents his own music after many years of cooperation with leading artists in Poland, invited Tomasz Pruchnicki (saxophone) and Kajetan Galas (Hammond organ) to cooperate, with whom he recorded his debut album at the beginning of 2016. The newly created album of three titled musicians had its premiere in autumn 2016 and since then, the musicians have been touring promoting their music. The Hammond organ, unusual on Polish jazz scenes, gives the band a characteristic color. This sound is full of direct references to the canon of the global mainstream of jazz, which, combined with the original compositions of the band leader, creates a unique, new quality. The trio's repertoire is full of colors and moods, which together form a monolithic story. In 2016 the trio recorded their debut album and in 2018. next. The second album - "Alteractions" - was graced by the singer Katarzyna Mirowska.


The latest edition of the band is a trio extended to a quartet through cooperation with the pianist Dominik Wania. Dominik Wania is one of the most outstanding pianists of the young generation of the European jazz scene. In January 2017. he took part in the recording of the Maciej Obara Quartet album "Unloved", produced for the currently most prestigious ECM label.


In the Jazz Top 2017 survey the album was recognized by Jazz Forum magazine as the Album of the Year, and Dominik Wania won the first prize in the Piano category. Moreover, in the Polish Jazz survey, he was awarded the title of Musician of the Year 2017.

The latest compositions of the Trio have already been recorded for the album and its premiere is planned for early autumn this year. And this means that Jazz in Ruins will be a premiere, certainly a TV premiere (in HD quality), due to the character of this year's festival.

Audiovisual registration: August 17-20, Gliwice


September the 4th 2020, 21.10 (9.10 p.m)


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